3-6 Culture Album – Animals of the World (Geography)

ANIMALS OF THE WORLD (small group presentation)

To introduce the child to a wide variety of animals and teach the appropriate names.
To relate animals to the continents on which they live.
To stimulate interest in animals and ecology.

Age: 3+ years

Jigsaw puzzle map of the World.
Three models of typical animals of each continent.

Invite a small group of children to join you at a mat.
Bring the basket of animals to the mat.
Discover which animals the children can identify.
For the remaining animals, give a three period lesson naming the animals.
Use three or four animals at a time.
Give a little information about each animal which interrelates zoology and geography, and also animals and man.
Information should concern the animals habitat and anything special regarding the animal i.e., penguins do not fly.
Continue according to the interest of the children. Replace materials.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
Continue until all animal names are learned.
Review previous work on animals.

Exercise 2:
After the children have been introduced to the animals, invite them to set out a mat, the map of the hemispheres and the basket of animals. Isolate an animal on the mat.
Ask the children to identify the animal.
Remind them of a special aspect and add where the animal lives.
Invite a child to remove the continent from the map. another child then places the animal beside the isolated continent.
Continue in the same manner with other animals according to the interest of the children.

Exercise 3:
Introduce card stories and pictures of animals.
Discuss these pictures with the child, paying special attention to how each animal is equipped for its own particular environment.
Keep a good selection of books in the classroom or direct the children to the library according to their interest.
When they have reached the reading stage they can also place printed slips under the appropriate pictures.