3-6 Culture Album – Botany – Definitions of the Parts of the Tree

DEFINITIONS OF THE PARTS OF THE TREE (individual and small group presentation)

Reading exercise.


Classified cards of the parts of the tree and printed labels.
Control booklet.
One set of cards with whole definitions and the key word outlined in red.
One set of cards with the key word cut out.

Bring the classified cards, booklet and printed labels to a mat or table with a small group of children who are able to read and have learned the parts of the tree.
Read the booklet to the children and put it aside.
Have the children set out the cards in an orderly fashion.
Isolate a printed label and invite a child to read and place it underneath the corresponding card.
Continue until all labels are matched. children can check their work with the booklet.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.

Exercise 2:
In the same manner, introduce the paragraph definitions which the children can match to the cards.

Exercise 3:
In the same manner, introduce the second set of definitions which have the key word missing.
Here the children will match the definition to the cards and replace the key word.