3-6 Culture Album – Botany – Gathering Seeds

GATHERING SEEDS (small group presentation)

To give the child the experience of various seeds.

4 5 years

Assorted seed and nuts with loose labels.
One set of classified cards.

Gather seeds and seed pods and bring them into the classroom.
If possible, have the children assist you in this. Invite a small group of children to a mat.
Show them how to sensorially explore the seeds one at a time.
Discuss each kind of seed, include its name, where it comes from on the plant, how it falls or travels, etc.
With the children, determine the seeds’ shape, size and texture.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation. Encourage the children to sort the seeds according to shape, size, how they travel, etc.
When the children are reading, introduce the printed labels.

Exercise 2:
After the children have experienced a variety of seeds you may wish to introduce a set of classified cards of seeds.