3-6 Culture Album – Botany – Importance of the Sun

IMPORTANCE OF THE SUN <i>(small group presentation)</i>

2+ years

Story: Without energy from the Sun, our Earth would be a cold and lifeless planet.
Planet Earth receives only a tiny portion of the Sun’s energy.
But it is enough to give our planet light and warmth and life.
All the energy we use on Earth comes from the Sun even such sources of energy as oil, coal and water power.

Activity: 1.
Take two ordinary plants that are of the same type.
Keeping them in identical pots with the same kind of soil, give each the same amount of water.
Keep one in sunlight and one in shade.
Compare the growth and appearance of the plants over the course of several months.

2. Make a sundial.
Push a stick into modelling clay and stand it on a sheet of paper in a sunny place.
Use a ruler and a pencil to mark on the paper the places where the shadow falls at different times of the day.
Did you know? From Earth the sun appears to travel across the sky between sunrise and sunset.
But it is really earth that is moving, not the sun!
We have night when our part of the Earth is turned away from the sun’s light.
We have day when our part of the Earth is turned towards the sun’s light.
Earth is surrounded by a layer of air called the atmosphere which shields us from the sun’s burning rays.
We should never sit in the sun without protecting our skin.
Sunburn is very dangerous.
The sun is a star.
Stars are like people they are born, live for a while and when they are very old they die.
We should never look directly at the sun not even when wearing sunglasses.
The rays of the sun are very strong and could damage your eyes or even cause blindness.