3-6 Culture Album – Botany – Parts of a Tree

PARTS OF THE TREE (small group presentation)

To introduce the parts of the plant/tree.

4+ years

Nomenclature cards.

Invite a small group of children to join you outside.
Look at different trees and informally talk about trees.
Compare the tree to the child’s body, the child’s skin is like the bark, the arms are like the branches, the trunk is the body, etc.
After the children have experienced trees, give the lesson of the parts of the tree using the nomenclature cards.
Present the cards in the same manner as other classified cards.
Establish the language which is known and give a three period lesson for the language to be learned.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
In the same manner present parts of a plant.
Encourage the children to draw their own diagrams.

Exercise 2:
Show the children how to do bark rubbings.
In the spring experience the movement of the sap, listen to it with a stethoscope, observe the collection of sap, taste maple syrup, etc.