3-6 Culture Album – Classified Cards of Flags and Parts of a Flag

CLASSIFIED CARDS OF FLAGS AND PARTS OF A FLAGĀ (individual or small group presentation)

Vocabulary enrichment.
Reading practice.

4+ years

Two sets of cards of flags of the world; one set with label attached, the second set with matching labels.
Booklet with the parts of a flag.
One set of cards which isolate the parts of the flag and printed labels.

Invite a small group of children to join you.
Show the children where the cards are located.
Bring them to a mat. Sort the cards into two groups by having the children identify those they know and those they do not know.
Give a three period lesson for the ones they need to learn, three at a time.
They may wish to bring the appropriate flags to the mat and match them to the cards they know.
They may also locate the countries in the jigsaw puzzle maps or in an atlas.
When finished replace all materials.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation, continue to present cards in the form of a three period lesson.

Exercise 2:
When the child is reading introduce the printed labels.

Exercise 3:
Introduce the parts of a flag orally.
Invite each child to select a flag.
Bring the cards to a mat or a table.
Have them identify the parts on their flags.
Introduce the cards and sort as above.
Give needed language in the form of a three period lesson.
At the reading stage, you may introduce the printed labels, definition booklets and definition cards in the same manner as the Land and Water Definitions or refer to Reading Classification in the Language Manual.