3-6 Culture Album – Classified Nomenclature Cards

CLASSIFIED NOMENCLATURE CARDS (small group presentation)

To teach vocabulary To prepare for subsequent classification.

2+ years

Sets of classified cards for each class of vertebrate animals with the name written on the back of the card.
The classification would be varied, i.e., Wild Animals, Domestic Animals, Birds, Herbivores, Carnivores, etc. Corresponding sets of reading cards.

These cards are presented in the same way as other classified cards: establish the ones which are known and give a three period lesson for those which need to be learned.
Begin with animals the children have had experience with, i.e., domestic animals, zoo animals, farm animals, etc.
Always provide a little information regarding each animal.
Draw attention to features which will assist later classification, i.e., hair on the mammal, feathers on the bird, sharp teeth of the carnivore, etc.
The use of classified nomenclature cards can extend for a long time within the classroom, as the classifications can become more detailed and require more knowledge.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
When the children are reading, introduce the printed labels.