3-6 Culture Album – Flags

FLAGS (small group presentation)

Purpose: Controlled movement.
Introduction to names of the countries.

2+ years

Flags of the World.
Sets for each continent, with flag stand and individual bases.

Show the child where the flags are kept.
Tell the child these are the flags of different countries.
Select a flag according to the child’s interest, i.e., national flag, or the child may choose.
Remove flag from its stand.
Name the flag.
Ask the child to walk naturally on the line with the flag held upright.
The child may now carry the flag any time he wishes.
Encourage the child to use other flags and learn their names.

Exercise 1:
Once the child knows a few flags, approach him and ask him to tell you the names of his two favourite flags.
Say, “I’ll show you how to carry two flags on the line”.
Remove the two flags from their stands and hold one in each hand, carry one flag higher than the other.
Walk on the line as before. Invite the child to carry the flags while walking on the line.