3-6 Culture Album – Jigsaw Map of the Child’s Own Continent


Age: 4+ years (after the child knows the continents)

Jigsaw puzzle map of North America
Picture Folder 2.

Invite a small group of children to join you.
Go to the map cabinet and say, “We are going to get the map of your continent”.
Remove the map and carry it to a mat.
Remind the children their continent is North America. “Let us get the globe and find North America.”
Have a child locate North America on the globe.
Go back to the map and review with the children how to remove a piece of the puzzle carefully.
For some of the large insets, hold them by the knob and slip the other hand under to further stabilize the puzzle inset.
Have the children remove all the insets.
Carefully replace them into the map.
Give the names of the countries in a three period lesson.
Include an interesting fact regarding each country to which the children can relate.
Continue according to children’s interest.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation, continue until the children know the names of the countries and review the names of the oceans.
Encourage the children to build the continent on the mat.

Exercise 2:
After the children know the names of the countries and the oceans, tell them you have some pictures of the different countries.
Ask the children to select a country for which they would like to see pictures.
Remove a picture and engage the child in conversation.
Repeat for another country according to the children’s interest.

Exercise 3:
Trace around the puzzle insets to make a map. color in the map or use colored paper or fabrics.

Exercise 4:
When the child is reading, introduce the printed labels.
The child may also label his own map.