3-6 Culture Album – Land and Water Form Cards

LAND AND WATER FORM CARDS (small group presentation)

To associate the three dimensional form with the pure concept presented on the card.

4+ years

One set of cards of ten major geographical land and water forms.
Ten land and water models.

Invite a small group of children to join you.
Have one child layout a mat, then have the children bring over all the land and water forms.
The teacher shows the children where the Land and Water Form cards are kept and then brings them to the mat.
Review the names and give a brief definition of each model.
The teacher holds the cards.
Show the children one card and ask a child which form it matches.
Child places the card beside the form. Repeat for the other forms.
Ask the children to name all the geographical forms they remember by pointing to the cards.
Give a three period lesson for all the cards they do not know.
Present three at a time, isolated at the bottom of the mat.
Continue according to the children’s interest.
Replace materials when finished.

Exercise 1
As in presentation, continue until children know all the forms using the cards only.
Review cards previously learned.

Exercise 2:
Children can draw their own land and water forms.
They may label their drawing if appropriate and/or include the flora and fauna.