3-6 Culture Album – Mystery Animal Cards

MYSTERY ANIMAL CARDS (small group presentation)

To confirm the child’s knowledge of the zoological classifications (vertebrate).

5+ years

One set of cards with a picture of each vertebrate represented.
One set of clue cards (control on the back) and one set of labels.

At a mat with a small group of children lay out a picture of each class of vertebrate (i.e., a frog, fish, bird, dog, salamander).
Show the cards with the clues printed on them to the children.
Select one. Read the first clue: “I live on land.” Look at the five pictures.
Eliminate the animal(s) that do not satisfy the statement, i.e., since the fish does not live on land, turn over the picture.
Read the next clue. “I lay hard eggs.”
Turn over the ones that don’t lay hard eggs.
Continue until the children guess the mystery animal.
Place the clue card under the picture and find the appropriate label to place below, i.e., “I am a bird.”.
Continue reading the clue cards until all the animals are identified.
The children can check their work by the control on the back.
Change the pictures often and, if necessary, the clues.
Keep the clinching clue as the last statement.
Exercise 1: As in presentation.
Encourage the children to read the clues to one another.