3-6 Culture Album – Nature Table


To stimulate an interest in nature in the children.
To provide for and promote exploration of specimens found in our living world.

2+ years

A table.
A magnifying glass/hand lens kept permanently on the table.
Objects which are or have been a part of our living world, i.e., shells, pine cones, feathers, nests, fossil, bark, sheep’s wool, etc.

Invite a small group of children to the nature table.
Introduce the objects to the children one at a time.
Show the children how to hold the objects carefully when they are examining them.
Provide simple and interesting information about each item.
We have a magnifying glass to assist us.
Only a few items are displayed on the nature table at any one time.
They should be changed frequently to maintain the children’s interest.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
Encourage the children to bring in their own objects for display.
Include labels for the children who are reading.