3-6 Culture Album – Sandpaper Globe

SANDPAPER GLOBE (individual presentation)

To give an impression of the roundness of the earth. To identify the two elements of the earth’s surface: land and water

Sandpaper Globe

Invite a child to join you.
Show the child where the sandpaper globe is kept and give the name.
Show the child how to carry the globe, two hands on the base.
Take the globe to a table and place it with the support toward the back. Say, “This is the Sandpaper Globe. It represents the planet Earth.”
Steady the globe with one hand, feel the surface with the other hand.
Explore the globe with the full hand, moving it from the top of the globe to the bottom in a slightly outward motion, thus rotating the globe.
Convey a lightness of touch.
On the second rotation give the language.
Say, “land” when you feel the sandpaper and “water” when you feel the smooth surface. Invite the child to feel the globe.
Ask them to show you “land” and “water”.
Make sure to point out the land that is at the bottom of the globe.

Point of Interest:
Note the amount of water.

3 years