3-6 Culture Album – Science – Use of a Magnifying Glass

USE OF A MAGNIFYING GLASS (small group presentation)

To show the child the proper use of a magnifying glass which will enable him to study objects at close range.

2+ years

A variety of magnifying glasses.

Invite a child to join you.
Carry a magnifying glass to a table.
Examine the magnifying glass with the child.
Draw the child’s attention to the glass and, therefore, its fragile nature.
Show how to hold the glass above an object and how to move the glass back and forth until the image is clear.
Invite the child to look at their hand and arm through the magnifying glass, examining the skin and hair.
Engage the child in conversation regarding what he sees.
Encourage the child to look at other objects through the magnifying glass.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
Include a magnifying glass on the nature table.
Introduce other types of magnification.