3-6 Culture Album – Summary Calendar/Weather Calendar

SUMMARY CALENDAR/WEATHER CALENDAR (small group presentation)

To record changes in daily and seasonal weather conditions.


3+ years

Large calendar with loose labels for the date and pictures of weather conditions.

A board with positions for the day, month, numeral, year and a pictorial representation of the weather.
The construction of the board allows for the labels to be placed in the appropriate position and is hung in a visible area, accessible to all children.
A child who is able to read can place the date on the board.
A child who cannot read can look through the pictures, select the one which best represents the day and place it on the calendar.
If the weather changes, the picture should also be changed.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
You may add printed labels to the weather pictures.

Exercise 2:
The older children can keep a detailed log of the temperature, wind, cloud patterns, etc. for each day.
They can see how weather cools down in the winter and warms up in the summer.
They can look back and see the coldest day, the largest snowfall recorded, etc.
The emphasis is on the changing pattern.