3-6 Culture Album – The Clock

THE CLOCK (small group presentation)

To help the child to tell the time.

5 – 6 years

The clock, movable hands and loose numerals in a box.
A series of cards, set of corresponding labels and stand.

Introduce the clock to the child, showing him where it is kept.
Bring the materials to a table.
Show the child how to put the numbers in order on the clock face.
Begin with one, select it from the box and place it on the clock.
Invite the child to continue. Explain that these numbers show us the hours.
With the child, demonstrate how the hands of the clock go around.
When the child is finished he replaces the materials on the shelf.

Exercise 1:
Child places the numerals on the clock.
Introduce the short hand. “This is the short hand.
When the short hand points to a numeral, it tells us what hour it is.”
Point the short hand to the ‘one’ and say “one o’clock”.
Continue in the same manner to twelve.
Invite the child to tell the time in this way.
Proceed with the three period lesson.

Exercise 2:
At this point the child should be able to skip count by five.
Child places the numerals on the clock.
Begin at twelve, explain that between the numeral twelve and the numeral one is a time span of five minutes.
Then, with the child, skip count by five around the clock, from five to sixty.
Introduce the long hand. “We have sixty minutes in an hour.
This long hand tells us how many minutes before or after the hour we are referring to.”
Show that the short hand only moves a short distance in an hour, from one numeral to the next.
The long hand goes all the way around the clock, covering sixty minutes.
Go over the time now using both hands on the clock.
Proceed with a three period lesson.

Exercise 3:
The clock game, using the cards for all of the hours.
Show the clock faces to the child one at a time, have the child identify the time.
Mix up the cards. The child places the clock faces on the stand and matches the appropriate label to the face. Have him check his work when finished.
Encourage the child to draw some clock faces and label them.
When the child knows his fractions you can introduce half past, quarter past, quarter to, etc.