3-6 Culture Album – Timeline of Child’s Life

TIME LINE OF CHILD’S LIFE (collective presentation)

Linear, visual presentation of passage of time.

4+ years

A wide strip of paper.
Photographs of main events of different periods of the child’s life to date.
Child makes an envelope large enough to contain photographs.
Writing paper.

Ask the parents for photographs from birth to the present age of the child.
Assure them that you will take good care of the photographs.
They may include other important people in the child’s life.
Ask the parents to write the child’s age on the back of each picture.
Ask the child to make a special envelope for his pictures.
Unroll the paper.
Fold it in half lengthwise and draw a line down the centre.
Divide the paper in equal measures to represent the child’s age.
Write zero to the numeral representing the child’s age along the length of the paper.
Say, “This will be the story of your life. We have some photos that your mom sent us.”
Establish the order with the child by discussing each picture.
Lay the pictures beside the time line in order.
When the child is finished, fold the paper and place with the photographs in the envelope.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
The child can lay out his pictures in order and tell the history of his life to another child.

Exercise 2:
At another time he can write his story on a separate piece of paper.
Have one sheet for each photo.
Keep the stories in a separate envelope.

Exercise 3:
Repeat as above for other family members.