3-6 Math Album – Cards and Counters



To recognise the numerals 1 – 10 and their correct sequence. – To understand how many separate units form each number. – To give visual and muscular impression of odd and even numbers.

Preparation for the divisibility of numbers, therefore of multiples and submultiples.

Number cards with numerals from 1-10 and 55 counters of one color.

Invite the child to bring the box of counters and the number cards to a table.
Place the cards in disarray and place the box of counters near the child.
Ask the child to find the numeral ‘1’ and to place it at the top left corner of the table.
Then ask, “How many counters will we put under ‘1’?”
If the child says ‘one’, say, “Yes, we put one counter below the number card with the numeral ‘1’.”
Ask what comes after ‘one’.
If the child says ‘two’, ask him to find the numeral ‘two’ and show him how to place it, find the correct number of counters and place them as a pair.
Continue in this way placing the even numbers in pairs and the odd numbers with the odd counter on its own below the pairs.
Explain the concept ‘odd’ and ‘even’.

Exercise: As in the presentation.

Control: The exact number of counters.

Age: 4 – 5 years