3-6 Math Album – Presentation With Large Number Cards



To acquaint the child with the written symbols for the new quantities he has learned.


A box containing four sets of large number cards – one set from 1 – 9, with numerals in green – one set from 10 – 90, with numerals in blue – one set from 100 – 900, with numerals in red – one set from 1000 – 9000, with numerals in green – a tray of Golden Beads for review

Presentation 1: Individual exercise.

Bring a box of Large Number Cards to a table/mat.
Remove the number card for 1, 10, 100, 1000.
Familiarise the child with the color coding and review 1 and 10 which he has learned previously by referring to the Golden Beads.
Place them as headers at the top of the mat.
Give a Three Period Lesson with the new numerals, i.e., 100 and 1000.
At the end of the lesson put the number cards in correct sequence with the thousand on the left and the one on the right.

Exercise: The child works with the material as shown.

Presentation 2: Individual exercise.

Remove all the Large Number Cards from the box.
Stack the cards for each category in sequential order with the thousands on the left and the units on the right at the bottom of the mat.
Place the ‘1’ at the top right corner and continue placing and counting the unit cards in a vertical column until nine is reached.
Then place the 10 – 90 to the left of the units, the 100 – 900 to the left of the tens and the 1000 – 9000 to the extreme left of the hundreds.
As you place the number cards count them using their category name, i.e., one unit, two units, three units, etc.
Show the child how to replace the number cards by stacking them in their categories with all the ‘ones’ showing on top.
Bind them with a well fitting elastic band and replace them in the box.

Exercise: The child works with the material as shown.

Presentation 3: Small group exercise.

Ask the child to help you lay out the number cards as in exercise 2.
Give each child an empty tray.
Ask each of them to bring you certain number cards beginning with the unit category and building up as in Presentation 3 with the Golden Beads.


The teacher.


4 – 5 years