3-6 Math Album – Presentation With the Golden Bead Material



To familiarise the child with the names of the different categories and to acquaint him with the relative difference in size of the categories, e.g. the difference between the quantity of six units and six thousands.


One unit bead; one bar of ten beads; one square of a hundred beads; one cube of one thousand beads all on a tray.
A supply of units, tens, hundreds and thousands.
Empty trays, castors.

Presentation 1:

Individual exercise with presentation tray.
Take the presentation tray to the table.
Position the tray so that the unit is always to the right.
Tell the child that this is the ‘Golden Beads’.
Hold and experience the unit, stating its name, “This is a unit.”
Give the child the bead. Encourage the child to repeat the name.
Continue in the same manner experiencing a ten, a hundred, a thousand respectively.
Proceed into the second period and eventually the third period of the Three Period Lesson.


The child works with the material as shown.

Presentation 2:

Individual exercise with a tray of Golden Beads.


9 Unit Beads, 9 Ten bead bars, 9 Hundred Square, 1 Thousand Cube

Count through each hierarchy in order from units to thousands.
Each time nine is reached, state that if we had one more we would have ten.
Instead of having ten loose beads (or tens, or hundreds) we can have a ten bead bar (or a hundred square, or a thousand cube).


The child works with the material as shown.

Presentation 3: A small group exercise. Show the tray of Golden Beads to the children. Each child gets an empty tray with a castor. Ask each child, individually, to fetch a quantity of beads from the tray – one quantity per child. Upon their return ask each child, “What amount did you bring me?” The children will replace the beads in the tray. Continue as above according to the interest of the children. On another day the quantity may include two hierarchies until all the hierarchies have been included. Establish that when counting the category the name is included ie. five tens, six hundred, etc.


The teacher and the child’s counting of the beads.


4 – 5 years