3-6 Math Album – Sandpaper Numbers

Sandpaper Numbers


To teach the written symbol corresponding to the numerals one to ten and to make the association between the name of the numeral and its symbol.


A set of numerals from 1 to 9 cut out of fine sandpaper and each mounted on a separate card.
There is also a symbol for zero.


The child traces and names the numerals. He may also wish to write them.


The sandpaper and the smooth surface of the card.


4 – 5 years


Invite the child to come with you to where the Sandpaper Numerals are kept.
At a table sit beside the child and take the first three number cards with the numerals 1, 2, 3 represented on them.

First: Take the number card with the numeral ‘1’ and trace it with the finger tips saying, “This is ‘ONE’ and this is how we write it.”
Repeat the name a few times.
Invite the child to trace the numeral ‘1’.
Place the numeral ‘1’ to the side and take the numeral ‘2’ card and do the same as with ‘1’.
Then the numeral ‘3’ card.

Second: Place the three number cards in front of the child.
Ask him to find a particular numeral and to feel it until he has recognized each of the three numerals.

Third: Place one of the number cards in front of the child.
Ask him to trace the numeral and tell you its name.
Complete the lesson by placing the numerals learned in sequential order from left to right.
On another day review the numerals already learned and teach the next three numerals.
Continue on subsequent days until all numerals are learned.