3-6 Math Album – Teens, Formation of Quantities 11-19 With Golden Beads



To teach the names of 11 – 19 in association with the correct quantity.


A box with nine golden ten bead bars and a set of colored Bead Stair. – A small, neutral color, felt mat.


The lessons on Teens and Tens are usually given after the introduction to the decimal system exercises, but may be presented when the need for the terminology arises.

At a table place the colored bead stair in disarray on the felt mat.
Ask the child to count the beads on each bar and place them in stair formation.
Give the child time to acquaint himself with the material.
Take three of the ten bead bars from the box.
Place one of the ten bead bars in a vertical position in front of the child.
Place the one red unit bead touching the ‘one’ on the ten bead bar and say, “This is eleven.”
Repeat the name a few times.
Bring the ‘eleven’ to the left side and place another ten bead bar as before with the green, two bar touching the first two units of the ten bead bar and say, “This is twelve – twelve … twelve.”
Do the same for thirteen.
Place the three quantities in front of the child and ask him to point to each quantity in non-sequential order.
Place one quantity in front of the child and ask him to name it.
Always end with your material in order.
Proceed with 14, 15, 16 and then 17, 18, 19 always reviewing the previous step.


As in the Presentation.


The pattern formed by the beads – the tens remain constant while the units increase as the child builds 11-19 in a vertical column.


4 – 5 years