3-6 Language Album – Little Booklets

MONTESSORI TEACHER ALBUMSChildren’s House (3-6) – Little Booklets

Little Booklets



To give the child the idea that he can read a book.

Control of Error

The directress


4 1/2 -5 years onwards


-Three or four page booklets, with illustrations on the left page and a single sentence of text on the opposite page. Only key phonograms (highlighted in red) and a limited number of puzzle words are used


Have the first booklet the child reads be about him, made especially for him.


  1. Invite a child to come and work with you.
  2. Show the child where the booklets are and have him bring over “his” booklet.
  3. Emphasize how special this book is and how it is about him.
  4. Have the child read the title.
  5. Have the child turn the page, look at the picture, and then read the text. Keep your finger under each word as the child is reading.
  6. You can introduce other booklets when he is ready.

Exerice 1

The child can read through other booklets when ready and once they have been presented.

Exerice 2

The child, if he wants to, can write the booklet in their own handwriting.