3-6 Language Album – Puzzle Words I

MONTESSORI TEACHER ALBUMSChildren’s House (3-6) – Puzzle Words

Puzzle Words 1



To teach the children the irregular words

Control of Error

The directress


4 1/2 years onwards


– Cards about 20cm x 8cm, of any color except red, on which are written words of irregular construction. (Cards are separated into color groups to help the directress remember what group of words she has presented to the child. There is no relation between the words in one group.)
– Examples of cards: she, do, I, once, he, we, his, the, pretty, a, to, by, so, as, etc.


  1. Have the child bring over the basket of cards.
  2. Introduce the material to the child and tell the child that we need to know these special, words because we can’t sound them out.
  3. Choose one color group.
  4. Read the first word.
  5. Have the child read it with you.
  6. Give the word in a sentence.
  7. Introduce all of the words in the group in this way.
  8. Do a Three Period Lesson with the three words. During the first period, use the words in a sentence. During the third period, have the child use the word in the sentence. Help the child if needed.

Exercise 1

The child can read the words that have been introduced to him by himself.

Exercise 2

The child can write these words with the Moveable Alphabet or on paper and make a booklet.