3-6 Language Album – Puzzle Words II

MONTESSORI TEACHER ALBUMSChildren’s House (3-6) – Puzzle Words II

Puzzle Words 2


– As for Puzzle Words 1, but cards of a different color to either Set 1 or Activity Words. In this second set the words are grouped according to some common difficulty (especially those which have not been covered in the Reading Folders). These words are words such as taught, daughter, caught, and words with a silent letter like lamb, comb, thumb, etc.


  1. Same presentation as for Set 1
  2. Introduce the basket with the words.
  3. Choose one packet.
  4. Show the child the interesting feature of the words in the cards.
  5. Tell the child what they are and help him to repeat the words.
  6. Use the word in a sentence.
  7. Continue with your Three Period Lesson.
  8. At the conclusion of the third Period, have the child use the word in a sentence

Exercise 1

The child can work independently with any groups of words have been presented.

Exercise 2

The child can make a booklet of the words that have been presented to him.



To teach the child the irregular words. These are given in like groups.

Control of Error

The directress


4 1/2 – 5 years, after the Reading Folder work is well underway