3-6 Language Album – The Adverb

The Adverb



To bring to the consciousness of the child the function of the adverb

Control of Error

The directress


5 years onwards


– Supply Tray
– Grammar Symbols
– Container marked with orange circle with prepared cards marked Adverb No. 1

Presentation Introduction

  1. Tell the children that you are going to write things for them to do again.
  2. Have the children bring over material.
  3. Write an action on a slip of paper. (nod)
  4. Have a child read it and then act it out.
  5. Tell the child that you are going to write another word that is going to tell the child how to do the action.
  6. Write an adverb on a slip of paper (sleepily) and place it to the right of the verb.
  7. Have the child read the two slips of paper and then act it. (nod sleepily)
  8. Talk about the difference in the child’s action based on the word that tells us how to nod.
  9. Ask the child to put the red circle above the action work.
  10. Show the child the symbol (small orange circle) for the word that tells us how to do the action and have him place it above the adverb.
  11. Repeat for each child.

Adverb Box

  1. Introduce the cards to the children.
  2. Have the child pick one of the cards, read it and then act it out.
  3. Then have the child place the correct symbols about each words.
  4. Repeat for each child.
  5. Continue in the same way until all of the cards are done.

Exercice 1

Children can work with the prepared tickets by themselves.

Exercice 2

They can write these tickets in a list or make a booklet.