3-6 Language Album – Transcription

MONTESSORI TEACHER ALBUMSChildren’s House (3-6) – Three Period Lesson




To provide the child with good samples for writing practice.

Control of Error

The prepared cards.


4 1/2 – 5 years onwards


– A box containing laminated cards with samples of writing, which the child can write for himself such as:

  • A beautiful saying or line from great literature.
  • A rhyme or short poem.
  • A riddle with the answer on the back of the card.
  • A significant line from a story known to the child.
  • Words from a familiar song.
  • A homely saying.


  1. Introduce the material and discuss it.
  2. The child chooses a card and reads it.
  3. The child then turns over the card, face down, and writes it on the paper.
  4. Then turn the card back and with the directress, checks what he wrote.
  5. If it is not correct, look with the child to see if the two are the same. (Helping the child self evaluate.)
  6. If it is correct, then he can take a sheet of paper and illustrate the written part.
  7. Once done, return the material to its spot and he can place the written and illustrated work in his designated shelf.