3-6 Language Album – Upper and Lower Case Letters

MONTESSORI TEACHER ALBUMSChildren’s House (3-6) – Upper and Lower Case Letters

Punctuation: Upper and Lower Case Letters



To help the child recognize the upper case form of the letter he already knows in the lower case. To aid the punctuation of a sentence.


To help the child write

Control of Error

The card showing both lower and upper case for each letter.


5 years onwards


– Three sets of twenty six cards, one for each letter of the alphabet.

  • The first set is 8x10cm and each card has one letter written in the lower case.
  • The second set is 98cmx10cm and each card has one letters written in the upper case (capital letters).
  • The third set is 16cmx10cm and has one letter written in both the lower and upper cases, the lowers case letter on the left and the upper case letter on the right.


  1. Invite one child to come and work with you.
  2. Introduce the material to the child and have him bring it over to the table.
  3. Choose three letters for the initial presentation, where the capital letters looks a great deal like the lower case letter.
  4. Use the names of the letters in this lesson.
  5. If the child gives you the sound, affirm it but go back to using their names.
  6. Show the lower case first and use this term.
  7. Show the upper case and give the term. Also give the term “capital letter”
  8. Repeat for two more letters.
  9. Teach the new terms with the Three Period lessons. Be sure to use the terms “upper case” and “capital letter” alternatively.
  10. When the child is sure of those, continue with three at a time, until you have completed all of the letters.
  11. Lay out all of the lower case letters at random in vertical columns, leaving sufficient space to put the capital letters beside them.
  12. Give the child the upper case letters (one at a time) and have him place each next to the lower case letter. Discuss now and then if the capital letter looks that same or looks different to the lower case letter. Use both terms alternatively for the upper case letters.
  13. Once all upper case letters have been placed, check with the third set of cards.
  14. Replace the third set of cards.
  15. Collect the lower case letters in alphabetical order.
  16. Collect the upper case letters in alphabetical order.

Exerice 1

The child works with the material as shown.