3-6 Language Album – The Verb

The Verb



To bring to the consciousness of the child the function of the verb

Control of Error

The directress


5 years onwards


– The farm
– Grammar Symbols
– Supply tray
– Container marked with red circle and no. 1 containing prepared red cards, each with a different verb written on it. – Box with a supply of the verb symbol (the large red circle)

Presentation Introduction

  1. Have each child select one animal from the farm and bring it over to the table.
  2. Then have the children carry the other material to the table.
  3. Place all of the animals in a row next to each other.
  4. Tell the children that you will write something for them to do.
  5. Write an action, such as walk, on a slip of paper and have a child read it. Then have the child get up and demonstrate the action.
  6. When the child comes back, talk informally about how that was an action, it was something to do, and talk about how much energy was involved in doing the action.
  7. Then tell the children that we have a symbol to show use the words that tell us what to do.
  8. Show the symbol and have the child place the symbol above their word.
  9. Repeat with different actions for each child.
  10. Look back at the animals.
  11. “Have the animals moved?”
  12. “No, because objects can’t move themselves! So how did they get to the table?” …… “We had to move them.”
  13. Give each child another action to do and then have them symbolize it.
  14. Go back to the objects and explain that objects don’t have energy to move.
  15. Replace the symbols in the symbol tray.
  16. Bring the animals back to the farm.

Verb Box 1: Command

  1. Show one of the red boxes and tell the children that the cards are all action words.
  2. Have each child, in turn, choose one card and have them act out what the card tells them to do.
  3. Have them symbolize each card.
  4. Repeat as many times as the children like.

Exercise 1

The children can work alone with the prepared cards.

Exercise 2

The children can play the same game as in the Activity Box. (One child chooses a card, acts it out and then has the other children guess what they card said.)

Exercise 3

The children can make a booklet or list of the words.