3-6 Language Album – Word Study

Word Study



To heighten the child’s awareness of spellings and nuances of meaning.

Control of Error

The directress


5 1/2 – 6 years


– Set of Reading Charts for suffixes, prefixes, compound words, and word families.
– Sets of Writing Charts for plurals
– Sets of Reading Tickets for Word Association

Presentation 1: Suffixes, Prefixes, Compound Words, and Word Families


  1. Show the child the card and ask him to read the first or key word. (Garden)
  2. Discuss what the key word is.
  3. Have him read one word at a time on the card and discuss each one separately.
  4. Talk informally with the child about how the meaning changes from the key word.

Exercise 1

The child can read any of the cards himself.

Exercise 2

The child can write the words.

Presentation 2: Words with Special Relations – Opposites, Gender, Homonyms, Homographs, and Others of Interest to the Child


– Set of cards with words and their opposites


You may have to begin the lesson by discussing what an “opposite” is with the child.


All cards are done in a similar manner:

  1. Place the white card that has written “Opposites” up at the top of the table.
  2. Have the child place all of the light blue cards in a row under and to the left of the white card.
  3. Give the child the light blue cards. Have him read one out loud and match it to its opposite. (These will form row under the white card.)
  4. Once he is done matching them all, have the child go through and read each pair.

Presentation 3: Plurals


– Cards with a list of singular words on the left side of the card and only the first plural written on the right. Each card focuses on one specific way of making plurals.


  1. This is to be taught in a similar manner as in the writing exercise of Transcription.
  2. The child first transcribes what is written on the card to a piece of paper.
  3. The child reads the first singular and the plural.
  4. He then writes in the plurals for the other words and fills in the rest of the plurals for each singular word.

Plurals hat hats tray   flag   tree   basket   map     Plurals box boxes peach   grass   witch   wristwatch   kiss         Plurals man men goose   mouse   child   foot   tooth     Plurals sheep sheep fruit   music   snooker   news   mathematics         Plurals scarf scarves loaf   wharf   leaf   self   shelf     Plurals penny pennies story   berry   sky   candy   brandy