3-6 Practical Life Album – Dust Mopping

Dust Mopping


Direct: To help the child become more aware of the environment.

Indirect: Building up voluntary movements.

Points of Interests
Seeing the dust from under the shelves cling onto the dust mop.

3 years plus


– One Dust Mop



Invite a child to come by telling them you have something to show them. Tell the child that you are going to show him how to dust mop.


  1. Decide which shelf you will be dusting under.
  2. Walk over to the broom stand.
  3. Place your left hand around the dust mop’s handle near the top of the handle.
  4. Lift the mop just a little.
  5. Using your right fingers, lift the string of the mop over the hook to loosen the mop.
  6. Once the mop is free, place your right hand around the handle under your left hand and bring the mop in close to your body.
  7. Carry the mop over to the shelf.


  1. Stand so your right side is to the shelf and so you are about two to three feet away from the shelf.
  2. Place the dust mop down in front of you.
  3. Place your left hand around the broom’s handle with your thumb on the top and your four left fingers wrapped around the handle.
  4. Place you right hand under your left, also with your thumb on the top and your four right fingers wrapped around the handle.
  5. Bend your knees and slide the dust mop to the far left side of the shelf.
  6. Slide the dust mop under the shelf until you feel the wall.
  7. Slide the dust mop in a smooth and continuous manner under the shelf moving from left to right.
  8. If the shelf is very long, stop when the dust mop is a little far from you, step closer to where the mop head is under the shelf and continue the sliding movement.
  9. Once you have reached the far right side of the shelf, slide the dust mop out from under the shelf.
  10. Lift the dust mop off of the ground.
  11. Look to see if the dust mop has picked up any dust.
  12. If it has, carry the dust mop in the same manner as when you were bringing it over to the shelves and go outside.


  1. Lift the dust mop off to your side and so it is horizontal to the ground.
  2. Turn your face away from the mop head and give the mop a good strong shake.
  3. Look at the dust mop to check for any dust that may still be clinging to it.
  4. If there is still dust, look away and repeat the shaking.
  5. Once there is no longer any dust on the dust mop, carry the mop back into the room.
  6. Go over to the broom hook.
  7. Remove your right hand from the handle of the mop and pinch the tip of the string with your right thumb and index finger.
  8. Place the string up and over the hook.
  9. Remove your right hand from the string and then your left hand from the mop’s handle.

Invite the child dust mop under another shelf.