Compound Words

COMPOUND WORDS Background Information There are several kinds of compound words. Open compounds are compounds in which the words are spelled separately.  Examples: high school, ice cream. With hyphenated compounds come down the words are separated by a hyphen. Closed compounds consist of two or more words that appear as […]

Word Study Introduction

WORD STUDY Introduction In English, words are often made from other words. There are many ways to do this. A compound word occurs when two or more words combine to form a new word with a new meaning. Examples of compound words are tiger lily, housecoat, jack-in-the-box. New words can […]

Early Cultures and Societies

Early Cultures and Societies Background Information This section examines some of the changes that took place when early people started to form settled groups. The aim is to guide students to think ore deeply about how this kind of living affected the ways in which early people met their common […]

Common Needs of Early People

Common Needs of Early People Background Information Anthropology, the study and analysis of human culture, behavior and development, has provided historians with information that allows them to generalize about what early people were like. Social organization provided early people with many benefits, such as finding comfort and security and being […]

The Study of Prehistory

The Study of Prehistory Introduction As introduced earlier, the term prehistory refers to the period before written records. The Stone Age, which most historians estimate dated from about 2.5 MYA to 5,000 BCE, encompasses this period referred to as prehistory and is generally divided into three stages: the Paleolithic Period, […]

The 12-hour and 24-hour Clock System

The 12-hour and 24-hour Clock Systems Background Information Early Egyptians were the first to use a 12-hour clock system that divided the day into two periods: dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk. Early Romans also used a 12-hour clock that divided day and night into 12 equal hours. For […]

Modern Ways of Telling Time

Modern Ways of Telling Time Background Information Sundials, water clocks, and hourglasses could help tell time. But had many disadvantages for everyday use. Some were very heavy, some were easily broken, and many depended on the sun to work. As humans began to rely more on time telling deices, that […]

Early Ways of Telling Time

Early Ways of Telling Time Background Information One of the oldest and simplest ways of telling time is by looking at the position of the sun. Over time, early people realized that when the sun appeared, the light part of the day started, and when the sun disappeared, the dark […]

Common Needs and Time

Common Needs and Time Background Information In the Lower Elementary program, the students will have become aware of the common needs of people, the term used to refer to what people need in addition to air in order to live and thrive: food, including gathering, hunting, shepherding, storing, and growing […]

Time and the Rotation of the Earth

Time and the Rotation of the Earth Background Information Over many centuries, scientists discovered that the length of daylight is affected both by the rotation of the Earth around the sun and by the spinning of the Earth on its axis, an imaginary line that runs through the Earth between […]