Addition Strip Board: Combinations of One Number

STRIP BOARD (including doubles) e. The Combinations of One Number Control of error: Control Chart I. The child looks all the combinations he has made, noticing the tens in red on the diagonal. Materials: …addition strip board and strips …paper …Control Chart I Exercise: Let’s see all of the different ways […]

Addition Strip Board: Combination Cards

STRIP BOARD (including doubles) d. Combination Cards Control of error: Control Chart I. The child looks at the first addend, finds the column where the combinations have that first addend, then looks for his combination. Materials: …box of combination cards …addition strip board and strips …paper …Control Chart I Exercise: The […]

Addition Booklets

STRIP BOARD (including doubles) c. Addition Booklets Control of error: Chart I. The child simply compares his page to a column on the chart. Materials: …mimeographed booklets of nine pages each; each page has …nine combinations with a common first addend …addition strip board and strips …control chart I (81 combinations […]

Addition Strip Board: First Presentation

STRIP BOARD (including doubles) b. First Presentation of the Addition Strip Board Materials: …addition strip board and strips Presentation: In order to show the child how to use the materials, the teacher presents a few short exercises. A blue strip is chosen at random. The child identifies the strip. It is […]

Strip Board: Complete List of Materials

STRIP BOARD (including doubles) a. Complete List of Strip Board Materials Materials: …addition strip board …pink box containing pink and blue strips …mimeographed booklets …box containing 81 combinations on small cards …box containing pink tiles with 81 sums …box of 36 pink rectangles and 36 squares …Control Charts I-VI

Introduction to Memorization

Memorization is the key that will allow the child to continue in his development of the mathematical mind. Memorization can be defined as conservation in the memory along with the ability to recall experience and impressions. Oftentimes the exercises of memorization are boring to the child because the same thing […]

Horizontal Golden Bead Frame

HORIZONTAL GOLDEN BEAD FRAME Materials: the frame which lies flat on the table. It is less sensorial in that hierarchic colors and spaces between the classes have been eliminated (note: the black lines are drawn on the board beneath the wires; they will indicate where to begin the multiplication when […]

Large Bead Frame – Numeration According to Position

LARGE BEAD FRAMES Numeration According To Position Materials: …large bead frame …corresponding long form with 55 lines Presentation: Move one unit bead to the right, count one and write the digit 1 in the first space of the form. Continue counting and writing. When the tenth unit bead is moved […]

Large Bead Frame – First Presentation

LARGE BEAD FRAMES First Presentation Materials: …large bead frame, bearing the same characteristics as the small frame: …space and change of frame color to separate the classes, …10 beads of respective hierarchic colors on each row. …wooden hierarchic materials Presentation: Slide one green bead to the right and isolate the […]

Small Bead Frame – Numeration Based on Position

SMALL BEAD FRAMES Numeration Based On Position Materials: …small bead frame …form for each child Presentation: Moving one unit bead to the right, the teacher counts one and writes the digit on the form. The numeration continues: move a bead, say the number, write it down. As the tenth unit bead is […]