Aspects of the Verb

Aspects of the Verb 1.The duration of the action depends upon the presence or absence of an object. Presentation: The teacher writes several commands of which some are transitive and some are intransitive. These are distributed to the children and they begin executing the commands at the same time. It […]


Verb 1. The Difference Between Matter and Energy Materials: strips of paper, black and red pens miniature environment black pyramid, red sphere grammar symbols: noun, article, adjective, verb insets of geometry cabinet: circle, triangle, polygons Presentation: The teacher writes the labels for some objects consisting of noun, article and adjective written […]

Adjectives & Symbols of the Noun Family

Adjective & Symbols of the Noun Family Materials: …3 like objects differing only in color …blank labels, red and black/blue pens Presentation 1: Game of Three Objects Review: All things have names; the names of things are nouns. Nouns are often linked with articles. In our language we have three; […]


Article Materials: …box of objects – some singular and others plural …a label for each object (use the, a and an) …samples of advertisements Presentation: (Group presentation): The objects are brought out on the table. The teacher asks for an object of which there is only one: the plate. The […]


Noun “Nouns are the spiritual substance of material objects.” – Maria Montessori Materials: …box of grammar symbols …labels for movable objects in the environment and/or …miniature environment labels (one for each child) Presentation: (Group presentation) Introduction: Since we know how to speak, write and read, we can begin to study […]

Scheme For Presnetation

Scheme For Presentation The primary aims of this work are to give a very strong impression of each function of speech and to understand the relationships between them. Indirectly, the child is being prepared for later grammar study, as well as practicing reading and writing, and enriching his/her vocabulary. Functions […]

6-9 Language Album

Table of Contents: The Great Lesson 6-9 Language :: Scope & Sequence Introduction Word Study  Introduction Compound Words Background Information Working with Closed Compound Words Matching Words Logically to Form Compound Words Prefixes Background Information  Introducing Prefixes Suffixes Background Information Introducing Suffixes Antonyms Background Information Introducing Antonyms Synonyms Background Information […]

Language – Introduction

xIntroduction Language is the framework upon which all other elementary studies lay. It is the vehicle that, in distinct turns, is examined, erected, and then embraced as the means of exploring related elementary disciplines. Development of strong creative writing and composition skills provide the impetus, initially motivating an enjoyment of […]

6-9 Language: Scope & Sequence

Word Study: Formation and meaning [Root/Affixes/Combinations/Similarities and Dissimilarities/Derivations] Function of Words: Parts of Speech Grammar Boxes: The Noun and the Article The Adjective The Verb The Adverb The Preposition The Pronoun The Conjunction The Interjection Sentence Analysis: The Phrase The Sentence The Clause Degrees of Dependency

The Great Lesson

See the Great Lesson :: Story of Writing Prepare a simple, yet interesting story of Language for the child. Different theories on the origins of the spoken word will catch the child’s attention if they are offered as tales with captivating examples about what “must have happened” when the first human […]