Chain of One Hundred


Age: 3-6

…to represent one hundred in a line
…to learn numeration from 1-100
…to count forwards and backwards by 10, s from 1-100

…a chain formed of 10 ten-bars
…a hundred square
…an envelope containing: 9 units arrows 1-9 in green, 9 tens arrows 10-90 in blue, a red hundred arrow

The chain is folded like a fan to resemble a hundred square. Do you recognize this? It looks like 100. We prove that it is 100 by placing the hundred square on or beside the folded chain. The chain is stretched out to its full length. How many tens are there in this hundred square? How many tens are in this chain? The square and the chain are exactly equal.
The child begins counting the beads placing the corresponding arrows by the bead. At 10, he begins counting by tens to 100. The red hundreds arrow and the hundred square are placed by the last bead.

1) The unit arrows are removed and the tens arrows are turned over. The child counts by 10’s to 100, and then backwards by 10’s.
2) The teacher asks the child to indicate a number on the chain. Then pointing to a bead, asks, ‘What is this?’


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