Chain of One Thousand


Age: 3-6

Direct Aim:
…to count forwards and backwards by 10, s and 100’s to 1000

Indirect Aim:
…to prepare for learning the powers of numbers

…a chain of 100 ten-bars with a ring after every 100 beads
…an envelope containing: 9 green units arrows, 9 blue tens arrows 10-90, 9 red hundreds arrows, and 1 green thousands arrow
…10 hundred squares
…1 thousand cube

The chain is stretched out to show the difference between this chain and the chain of 100. It is folded like a fan to resemble hundred squares. It is proven that there are ten hundreds in this chain by placing the hundred squares on top of each section. The hundred squares are then stacked up to prove that this chain is equal to the cube. After this correspondence has been firmly established, the child begins counting, first by units, matching the arrows, then by tens, and lastly by 100’s. At each hundred the child places a hundred square. At 900 the child counts by 10’s again to 990. The child counts by units from 990 to 1000. We place another hundred square here, but now we have 10 hundreds. Ten hundreds make one thousand, so we can put the cube here instead.

1) The child counts by 100’s to 100, forwards and backwards from 1 to 1000, with the arrows overturned
2) The teacher asks the child to point to a number on the chain. Then pointing to a bead, the teacher asks, ‘What is this?


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