Games and Exploration: Sums Greater Than Ten


d. Sums Greater Than Ten

Materials: same as above

As before, the child combines two or more numbers, whose sum will be greater than ten. The colored bead bar is placed below the ten bar to facilitate counting.
For example:

A child chooses 14 and 12 in beads to add. Tell the child to add the units first and then the tens to achieve the sum. 4 + 2 = 6 and 2 tens are twenty. The sum is 26.

The child chooses 18 + 25 in beads. Again units are added first. Since that sum is 13. Place a three bar below and carry the one ten mentally. Carrying the one ten add the other tens. The sum is 4 tens and the total sum is 43. This exercise gives a child experience with horizontal as well as vertical addition, a fact often overlooked in preparation for standardized tests.

Command cards may be made. The chart may be used as control.

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