Hierarchical Bead Fame Introduction



In this work, which follows memorization, the child encounters a new difficulty. He must identify quickly the value of each digit of a number as it is indicated by the place the digit occupies. The child considers the position of the digits in a number, and determines the value of each digit according to this position.
The decimal system material: the bead-1, bar-10, square-100, and cube-1000, represented constant values, values which did not change when the position of the material changed. On the bead frames beads of the same size represent the various quantities, thus eliminating the sensorial element of size. The quantities are symbolically represented on the bead frame aided by the hierarchic colors and the relative positions of the frame.
These hierarchic colors have been encountered before in the decimal system material numeral cards and the stamp game. On the frame one blue bead represents ten (unit) beads of the previous hierarchy and one-tenth of a (hundred) bead of the next superior hierarchy.

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