Introduction to Memorization

Memorization is the key that will allow the child to continue in his development of the mathematical mind. Memorization can be defined as conservation in the memory along with the ability to recall experience and impressions. Oftentimes the exercises of memorization are boring to the child because the same thing is repeated over and over until he remembers. In order for our goals to be achieved, we must find ways to make memorization attractive and interesting.

 Memorization must be taught along with the decimal system materials. The child has realized the concept of the decimal system: that only nine units can remain loose, and he has understood the function of each operation. Now we must learn to calculate. As soon as the child has memorized all of the possible combinations of 1-9, he will be able to calculate any complex addition. In order to enter the world of mathematics, the child must be given the opportunity to memorize.

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