Large Bead Frame – Numeration According to Position


Numeration According To Position

…large bead frame
…corresponding long form with 55 lines

Move one unit bead to the right, count one and write the digit 1 in the first space of the form. Continue counting and writing. When the tenth unit bead is moved forward, ‘we know that 10 units make 1 ten.’ The units are moved back and one ten is moved forward. Write ‘1’ in the tens column (without a zero) Continue in this way up to 1 million; the form will be filled up. Go back and add the zeros. Notice the passage from one hierarchy to the next as indicated by the zeros. Note that the commas correspond to the spaces between classes.

Exercises;Formation of Numbers:
1) The teacher forms a number on the bead frame. The child reads the number and writes it on the form.
2) The teacher writes a number on a piece of paper and the child reads it, forms it on the frame and writes it on the form.
3) The child creates a number on the frame and writes it on the form. The child performs addition, subtraction and multiplication (with a one-digit multiplier) on this frame. This larger frame permits the child to work with larger numbers.

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