Small Bead Frame – Numeration Based on Position


Numeration Based On Position

…small bead frame
…form for each child

Moving one unit bead to the right, the teacher counts one and writes the digit on the form. The numeration continues: move a bead, say the number, write it down. As the tenth unit bead is moved forward: I change these ten units for one ten bead forward. Write the digit 1 on the blue line. Move another ten bead forward- 2 tens and write a 2 in the column. The numeration continues in this way up to 90, changing 10 tens for 100. Finally the numeration ends at 1000. This is controlled by 28 lines on the form.
At the end fill in all of the zeros to bring into focus the passage from one hierarchy to the next by the placement of one more zero each time.
This work recalls the concept of changing from one hierarchy to another from the decimal system operations. This activity helps the child to fix the places which correspond to each hierarchy.

Activities: Formation of Numbers
1) The teacher forms a number on the frame. The child reads it.
2) The child reads a number from prepared cards and forms it on the frame.
3) The child forms any number on the frame, reads it and records it on the left side of the form used earlier for the presentation.

Note: Each time the child forms a number he will recall the formation 10.

Aim: familiarization with the bead frame
knowledge of the passage between hierarchies

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