Teen Board


The Seguin Boards

Teen Boards

…box containing two boards and 9 wooden tablets for 1-9
…box of ten golden ten bars
…box of 1 each of colored bead bars 1-9

Age: 3-6

…to clarify understanding of the decimal system (11 means: 1 ten and 1 unit )
…to progress in counting from 10 up to 19
…to learn the names of numbers 11-19

Individual presentation. The teacher presents the boards side by side and the tablets ordered in a row. Indicating the first slot, the child reads the numeral 10 and places a ten-bar to the left of that slot. The teacher then adds a unit bead and the tablet – 1 to make eleven. ‘This numeral is eleven: eleven is ten and one.’ This continues through nineteen. When counting the beads the child counts ‘ ten, eleven, twelve… ten and two is twelve.’ Three period lesson follows naming the quantities and in the second period forming them.
If the child questions why the last slot is blank, explain that in order to make the numeral that comes after nineteen, other materials are needed.


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