Ten Boards


The Seguin Boards

Ten Boards

Age: 3-6

Note: These materials may be presented any time after the Union of Quantities and Numerals of the Decimal System.

…to clarify understanding of the decimal system (11 means 1 ten and 1 unit )
…to count from 1 to 99
…to learn the names of numbers 20-99

…box containing two boards with numerals 10, 20, 30….90, and 9 wooden tablets for 1-9
…box of 9 gold unit beads
…box of 45 gold ten-bars
…1 golden hundred square

Individual presentation. With these materials we will be able to make the numeral that was missing from the teen boards.
a) Only the boards and ten-bars are used for now. Pointing to the first numeral 10, the child is asked to identify it and place the correct quantity next to it. The child identifies the next numeral 20 as two tens. We call this twenty. The ten-bars are placed next to twenty, and counted ‘ten, twenty.’ This continues, identifying numbers by correct names and counting the ten-bars by 10’s. Now we have counted by tens up to ninety. The three period lesson follows.
b) The ten-bars have been returned to their box. Again the child identifies 10 and brings out one ten-bar. After ten is eleven: the one tablet is placed in the slot and one unit bead is added ‘ten, eleven.’ This continues up to nineteen. After nineteen is twenty: Twenty is two tens, so we put away the nine unit beads and take another ten-bar. Both ten-bars are moved down by twenty. This one-by-one counting continues up to 99. If we added one more bead, we’d have 10 units which make another ten-bar. Then we’d have ten ten-bars which makes one hundred. After 99 comes 100. The hundred square is placed next to the blank space.


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