About Moteaco

How it all started:
The Montessori Teachers Collective was created by Don Jennings, a Montessori elementary teacher from Massachusetts. The first version, then called the Montessori Teachers Collaborative, was uploaded to AOL on December 8, 1996. A name change accompanied a new design in March 1997, and the Montessori Teachers Collective started to grow. Other projects at the time included the Montessori Parents Forum and the Montessori Schools Online Webring, but September 1999 saw a move to new server space and the acquisition of a domain name — all three sites (MTC, MPF, MSO) were integrated at www.montessoriteacherscollective.com.

In January 2015 a post was made to the moteaco facebook page indicating that the website was being discontinued. In April 2015, a tech savvy Montessorian was able to rescue all of the original site content from the internet archive and began repairing the site. At the current time the original domain name (www.moteaco.com) is no longer available, so this new domain (www.montessoriteacherscollective.com) has been purchased and the site is live once more! It is constantly under maintenance, but all of the original content is available and accessible.

Volunteers: Working behind the scenes.
A small but dedicated group of volunteers help to support this site, from translators and quote collectors to typists and contributors. Without their effort there would be no MTC. Herein lies an official ‘thank you’, in lieu of riches and fame.

Connie Black: typist
Robert Buckenmeyer: contributor
Robin Cain: typist
Siobhan Henshilwood: typist
Anna Colgan: typist
Gary Davidson: supporter
Germaine Koomen: typist
Guadalupe Malvido: translator
Jen McGraw: typist
Dennis Shapiro: supporter
Pat Thompson: contributor
Charles Terranova: supporter
Julie Winnette: typist
Rob Keys: supporter
Kristen Lotz: supporter

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