Activity Words

MONTESSORI TEACHER ALBUMS – Children’s House (3-6) – Activity Words

Activity Words

Reading practice – child translates into action what he reads.

Sensorial experience of verbs.

Control of Error
The directress

4-5 years

– Supply tray for the presentation
– Red cards, about 20cm x 8cm, for independent activity – action words the child can readily understand and so using symbols for the sounds known to the child, (from the 41 sandpaper boards), but now a word may contain more than one key phonogram, ie: march.


  1. Have the child bring over the material to the table.
  2. Tell the child that you are going to write a word and the word is going to be something you can do.
  3. Have the child read the word out loud.
  4. Then have the child get up and do the action.
  5. If the word you wrote was jump, have the child get up and jump.
  6. Continue to write several words and have the child act them out.
  7. Bring forward the basket of red cards.
  8. Choose one of the cards and have the child read it and then do the action.
  9. Continue for all of the red cards.
  10. Some words the child will be able to do or they can act it out.
  11. At a later time, the child can invite two friends who have already done this activity.
  12. Have one child choose one of the cards and read it silently and turn it over.
  13. Then have the child act it out and have the other children guess what she was doing.
  14. Turn the card back over to check the word.
  15. Allow each child to have a turn.

Exercise 1

The children can play this last game together whenever they would like.

Exercise 2

The child can write each of the action words and then make a booklet.

If the child cannot write the words by hand, he can use the Moveable Alphabet to write them. (To do on a rectangular table with the small letter Moveable Alphabet.) The child would read the card, turn it over, spell the word with the Moveable Alphabet, turn the card back over and check his writing.

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