Birthday Celebration

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS (individual or small group presentation)

To help the child realize the passage of time and how it relates to his personal growth and development.

2+ years

Painted globe
Months of the year labels.

Invite all the children to sit in a circle around a mat.
Place a candle on the mat to represent the sun.
The child whose birthday it is carries the painted globe.
Explain the earth orbits the sun and each orbit takes a whole year.
The child walks around the sun once for each year he has been on earth.
Discuss major events and abilities gained in the child’s life as he walks around the sun.
He may bring in one or two pictures for each year.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
Make the child’s birthday special.
Recognize its importance in a manner appropriate to the individual child, i.e, sing Happy Birthday, read them a special story, give a special lesson, etc.
Parents may be willing to bring in a treat which the child can share with his classmates.
For a child who is reading you can introduce the printed labels of the months of the year and arrange them around the candle.

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