Capitalizing Geographical Locations

Capitalizing Geographical Locations

Teachers should first introduce the geographic locations individually according to category; continents, states/provinces, cities and streets. The following presentation introduces the continents, but may be adapted for the other categories.

To become familiar with using a capital letter at the beginning of specific geographical locations.

Most Montessori teachers introduce this topic in Year 1 and review it as necessary in subsequent years.

Invite a small group of students to gather around a mat.

Announce to the students that today they will learn the rue of capitalizing geographic locations.

Ask a student to tell you the continent on which they were born.

On a blank slip of paper, in red coloring pencil, print the first letter of the continent in uppercase and the remainder of the word in pencil. Place the label on the mat.

Encourage the students to take turns thinking of names of the other continents. As they do, print the name on a slip of paper, using the red pencil for the first letter, which is in uppercase, and pencil for the rest of the word, which should be written in lowercase. Place the labels on the mat as you complete each continent’s name.

Invite a student to arrange the labels in a straight column.

Place the heading at the top of the column, reading it aloud as you so: The names of continents are capitalized.

Ask the students to copy the names of the continents in their journals.

Draw a map of the world and label all the continents.

Draw a map of one continent and all the countries that make up that continent. Research the capital cities of those countries and mark their locations on the map.

Draw and label a map of where you live. Provide as much as you can: streets, lakes, rivers, and more, using capital letters where appropriate.

Combine all the geography categories (continents, countries, cities, etc.) into one extension activity. Place the headings on a mat. Use all the word labels created as part of the previous activities from all the categories and place them beneath the correct category heading.     

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