Capitalizing Proper Nouns

Activity 3: Capitalizing Proper Nouns

To practice capitalizing proper nouns.

Sentence labels with a blank space for a particular name. Examples: My name is: ____. My friend’s name is ____. My teachers name is ____. My dad’s name is: ____.

Heading that reads: Particular names are always capitalized

Slips if white paper

Red coloring pencil


Language Arts journals and pencils

Most Montessori teachers introduce this topic in Year 1 and review it as necessary in subsequent years.

Invite a small group of students to gather around mat.

Announce to the students that today they will learn something new about capitalizing.

Divide the sentence labels among the students.

Invite the students to, one at a time, read aloud the sentence on the labels and place them in a single column the mat.

Ask the student, “What is your name?”

On a slip of paper print the name with the capital letter in red and invite the student ti place it with the appropriate sentence.

Ask a different student: “What is your friend’s name?”

On a slip of paper, print the name with the capital in red, and invite the student to place it with the appropriate sentence.

Continue as above until each each student has ad a turn and all sentence labels are complete.

Place the heading at the top of the mat, reading it aloud as you place it.

Explain to the students tat names of particular people, places, and things are always capitalized.

Invite the students to take turns reading the sentences on the mat.

Ask the students to write in their journals three to five sentences that contain Particular Names (proper noun).

Draw and label a picture of a scene that includes at least five particular names. Examples: a family portrait, a map of your neighborhood,  your group of friends.

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