Capitalizing the Word “I”

Capitalizing the Word “I”

To understand that the pronoun “I” is always uppercase.

Three separate cards, each with a familiar nursery rhyme or tongue twister printed on it. Example: “Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. Jack jump over the candlestick.”

Riddle-type questions tased on the nursery rhyme or tongue twister, written onwards. Example: I jumped over the candlestick. Who am I?

Sentences with the character’s name. Example:I am Jack.

Heading that reads: The word “I” is always capitalized.

Language Arts journals and pencils.

Most Montessori teachers introduce this topic in Year 1 and review it as necessary in subsequent years.

Invite a mall group of tents to gather around a mat.

Announce to the students that today they will learn another important rule about capitalizing.

Present a nursery rhyme or tongue twister text card to each of three students.

Invite each of the three students to read aloud the text and place the cards in a row along the top of the mat.

Present a question card with a riddle on it to each of three students.

Invite the three students to read aloud their riddles and place them in a column along the left side go the mat, beneath the nursery rhyme and tongue twister cards.

To three other students, present a sentence card that names the character in the nursery rhyme or tongue twister.

Invite the last three students to place their answer cards to the right of the correct riddle, reading it aloud as they do so.

Place the heading at the tp of the mat, reminding the students that the word “I” always requires a capital letter.

Ask the students to write in their journals three to five sentences about themselves. Examples: I have two dogs. I live on Maple Street.

Make a life-sized drawing of yourself. On a large set of rolled paper (you may need to tape two sheets together side by side), have a classmate or teacher trace the outline of your entire body. Fil in the outline to look exactly as you look: clothing, hair, eyes, and so on. On large slips of paper, write sentences that describe you. Examples: “I have blue eyes.” “I wear a wristwatch.” Attach these sentences to the drawing. Hand your life size poster on the wall.

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