Classification Game – Animal Kingdom

Classification Game – Animal Kingdom

In what element do they live?
on the ground
in the water
in the air

What do they eat?
plants / herbivorous
animals / carnivorous
plants and animals / omnivorous

How do they move?
by flight
by walking
by swimming
by creeping
in other ways

How do they care for their young?
they provide for their young
they take no care of their young
they suckle their young

How do they reproduce themselves?
born alive / viviparous
by means of eggs / oviparous
in other ways

How are they considered in relation to humans?
useful to humans
neither useful or harmful
harmful to humans

In what climatic regions do they live?
in a hot region / tropical zone
in regions which have changing temperatures / temperate zones
in regions that are very cold / frigid zones

Does this animal live in our region?
It did at one time.
It does not live in our region.
It does live in our region.

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